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Kömek: Reaching out a Helping Hand

Kömek is a community-minded group of people who understand everyone needs a helping hand from time to time.

Our mission is two fold;

1. Be aware of the needs in our community
2. Partner with those who can help meet these needs.

The Kömek team is actively looking for people who love this city and community, who have time, talents, energy, and resources, and are willing to volunteer to help those reaching out for a helping hand. They tell us when and how they can help, and then we get to work to match them with an appropriate need.

When we receive a request for assistance, the information is matched to volunteers who have expressed an offer to help. All requests remain completely confidential and secure. Once a match between the helper and need is found we work out the details to get the job done!

Based out of West Kelowna, British Columbia, this idea was birthed within a handful of people from SunRidge Community Church who believe in being intentional and practical about taking their time, energy, talents, and resources and investing in serving the people of their community.

A community is made up of people. People should help each other. We work to make that happen.